Temporary Cover – Get A Quote Today!

Comprehensive car insurance can often be a highly sought out type of cover when insuring your car. However, for short periods of time, such as a day, week or month, a temporary policy can answer these needs. Due to the period of time the cover is effective for, a driver can be almost instantly insured for a car with a wide variety of flexible cover options to suit the needs of the driver.

Furthermore, it can also be a cost-effective method of getting fully comprehensive cover whether at home or in an emergency.

While long and short term motor insurance policies can be taken out together or to complement an existing cover, there are many reasons why a driver could choose to do this. If a driver has purchased a new car, they may choose to drive their new vehicle home as soon as possible. In this situation, finding short term cover can be highly advantageous to the driver. From there, the new driver can shop around and compare annual motor insurance at their convenience without the stress of getting their new car home and getting the best insurance for their money within a short period of time.

This temporary form of motor insurance also applies to courtesy cars that are provided to a driver while a vehicle is being repaired. Furthermore, adding family members, friends and foreign visitors to an existing policy makes short term cover an advantageous form of insurance.

Furthermore, as a driver, protecting No-Claims and other forms of bonuses can be a concern. If a short term, separate policy is taken out for a family member or friend; this can have the advantage of protecting No-Claims and the other bonuses of the primary driver. Finally, another situation where short term motor insurance policies can be effectively used is for a university student. If the student is coming home for Easter, summer or during the Christmas holidays, short term motor cover makes sense without the added costs of an annual policy.

While you can search online and offline for car insurance providers, searching online is usually the preferred way of doing this due to the highly competitive nature and convenience of the Internet. The online providers can offer drivers quick, efficient and competitive quotes without having to deal with the handwriting and postage. Once a policy has been created, it is almost instant. Most vehicles can usually be insured providing their worth is over £500.

A driver’s age can also affect the policy cost, their cover options and whether or not they can be insured. Some motor insurers will not offer cover to drivers who are aged 21 and under or who are over the age of 75. If a driver is aged 18 to 21, some firms could offer insurance but with restrictions in place such as requiring the driving license to be at least 6 months old or longer. Despite this however, there are some motor insurers who are targeted at brand new drivers but do not offer cover to more experienced drivers. Different companies aim their cover at different markets, so there is always choice. Specialist policies may be available to 17 year olds who are learning how to drive. These special policies are for existing drivers to add their family member to their primary policy, while still protecting their No-Claims and other bonuses they may have.

Insurance restrictions may also apply to drivers who own vehicles that have been modified, imported from Europe or elsewhere in the world, carrying passengers commercially or if the driver who is applying has existing penalty points added to their license from previous motor convictions.